Today this legend will tell you 15 things you might or might not know about me:

1. I like to play basketball and soccer.
2. I barrack for The Cleveland Caviliars and Real Madrid.
3. I’m a 3 time National Champion for Taekwondo in 2013 x2 and also in 2016.
4. My FAVOURITE food is KEBAB and PIZZA!!!
5. My FAVOURITE animal is a DOG and PANDA!!!
6. I got selected as captain for the boys soccer team this year.
7. I like to watch videos and remixed songs on YouTube.
8. I was a nominee for the Junior sports award.
9. I like to play my PS4 when I can.
10. I like to play black ops 3 and NBA 2k.
11. I like to watch cartoons on the TV as well as YouTube.
12. My favourite colour is purple, blue, green and black.
13. My favourite sports brands are Nike, adidas and underamour.
14. I like to hang out with my friends in school and out of school.
15. I like to go overseas but I have only been once.


Here I am in yr 6 being read another picture story book, called Henry and Amy. We’re not babies anymore!

Henry and Amy are two people who have 2 different personalities. They became the 2 best, best friends!

We had to try and find the hidden messages in this with a group of 4. Our group came up with 3 hidden messages, they were: Keep on persisting because Henry was always the opposite to the others. He tried to be faultless, and then he ran into Amy. Amy taught Henry how to be perfect. Being perfect is not always the answer, you want to have fun all the time but can’t really do much because everything has to be perfect. And the last one is Be yourself, I like this because the answer is in it ” “Be yourself”. It says so, so, so much.

This year I’ll try my hardest on EVERYTHING I do. The reason I am choosing this is so I can become the best that I can, and focus on what I need to do. My other goal would be to put effort into EVERYTHING so I can be successful in every piece of work I’m doing.


In Maths, I learnt what a Cartesian plane is and how it works. The Cartesian plane is basically a graph, and you figure out things and draw things. Also, in maths online I beat my high score, and asked good questions to get it correct.

In Writing, I learnt narrative point of view. Narrative point of view means ‘who’s telling the story?’ 1st person means, he/she is talking about themselves, 2nd person means, they’re telling you what to do and 3rd person means, they’re witnessing the action and talking about it.