Today this legend will tell you 15 things you might or might not know about me:

1. I like to play basketball and soccer.
2. I barrack for The Cleveland Caviliars and Real Madrid.
3. I’m a 3 time National Champion for Taekwondo in 2013 x2 and also in 2016.
4. My FAVOURITE food is KEBAB and PIZZA!!!
5. My FAVOURITE animal is a DOG and PANDA!!!
6. I got selected as captain for the boys soccer team this year.
7. I like to watch videos and remixed songs on YouTube.
8. I was a nominee for the Junior sports award.
9. I like to play my PS4 when I can.
10. I like to play black ops 3 and NBA 2k.
11. I like to watch cartoons on the TV as well as YouTube.
12. My favourite colour is purple, blue, green and black.
13. My favourite sports brands are Nike, adidas and underamour.
14. I like to hang out with my friends in school and out of school.
15. I like to go overseas but I have only been once.


  1. Hi Xav,
    I like your heading. Great playing with words.
    I think you could change some of the sentence starters instead of them all being I like or my favourite.

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