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In Maths, I learnt what a Cartesian plane is and how it works. The Cartesian plane is basically a graph, and you figure out things and draw things. Also, in maths online I beat my high score, and asked good questions to get it correct.

In Writing, I learnt narrative point of view. Narrative point of view means ‘who’s telling the story?’ 1st person means, he/she is talking about themselves, 2nd person means, they’re telling you what to do and 3rd person means, they’re witnessing the action and talking about it.

Week 4 reflection

In maths I learnt there are different time zones in Australia. They are the Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone and the Western Time Zone. In the Central Time Zone the states or territories are NT and SA. In the Eastern Time Zone the states or territories are VIC, QLD, ACT, TAS and NSW. Lastly, in the Western Time Zone the states or territories are only WA. The western side of Australia gets the sun last, because the earth is titled and it is orbiting around the sun while spinning, that’s why it’s different times.

In Writers Workshop our class has to write a science fiction story. My story is about a friend and I preparing for a Robot invasion.